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The objectives of the non-profit organization, known as the McLuhan Legacy Network, are as follows (Agreed to at a Committee meeting on Tuesday Sept. 21, 2010):
  1. To celebrate Marshall McLuhan’s Centenary in Toronto in 2011, with events throughout 2011, but with a concentration of celebrations or events during the week of July 18-24 and follow up with an annual McLuhan celebration around the date of his birthday on July 21, starting in 2012.
  2. To restore the community of McLuhan scholars in Toronto.
  3. To support other McLuhan legacy projects, such as other McLuhan centenary celebrations, events and projects in 2011, including the International McLuhan Conference being organized by Seamus Ross, Dean of the iSchool, University of Toronto for the Fall of 2011, the restoration of McLuhan’s historic Coach House, the McLuhan Program at U of T, and the Media Ecology Association, or any other organization promoting the McLuhan legacy.
  4. To develop a McLuhan Museum, both online and in a structure associated with the Coach House at the University of Toronto.
  5. To develop the Centenary Central Communication and Project Management capability with a Web site containing a calendar of all McLuhan Centenary projects and to document the Centenary Celebrations in Toronto and across the world through a documentary film.
  6. To conduct research through the McLuhan Design and Media Ecology Research Project.